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I remember as a young pastor dreaming of pastoring a church whose heartbeat was souls. On so many levels, Hilldale Baptist Church is the fulfillment of that dream. Our church has a long history of “becom[ing] all things to all men, that [we] might by all means save some….for the gospel’s sake” (1 Corinthians 9:22-23). We’re not perfect…and we’re not all that we can be…I know that. But for all that is right in what we do, I thank you!
During this time of year, we generally think of the many reasons we have to be thankful. And consistent with a timeless principle of honoring the Lord of the Harvest with our very best, we choose to highlight stewardship during November here at Hilldale. Of special importance for us this month is our ongoing “Building Families for Life” fundraising campaign.
Years ago, God gave us a vision of building a Family Life Center on our Old Farmers Road property. In faith, despite not having all the funds in hand, we moved forward because we believed that the economy and the opportunities were such that to wait any longer would jeopardize our ability to “strike while the iron was hot.”     I think the last six-and-a-half years have testified to our obedience in the timing of that decision.
As part of this morning’s service we will be giving (or pledging) a special offering to decrease our FLC debt. We owe just under $3 million; and while that’s a lot of money, we have the potential to make a serious dent or even eliminate that debt if we all give sacrificially to do so.
I’m not asking for equal gifts but I am asking for equal sacrifice. As you give toward the cost of the Family Life Center, you’re investing in souls for generations to come. You’re “Building Families for Life,” and I think that’s a cause worth giving our best.
Thank you and I love you!


Bro. Larry