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Once upon a time we listened to whatever music radio stations played or we watched whatever programming television stations offered. Now, however, we have the ability to customize our experience…listen to or watch only the stuff we like and weed out the rest. Pretty cool, huh?
Cool technology aside, some people unfortunately approach the Bible with that same intent to tailor their exposure to and experience with Scripture. May God have mercy on us for embracing only the parts of the Bible we like or are not afraid to admit we believe while dismissing those passages that contradict and challenge us.
The Bible still matters, all of it. That’s why I’m spending a few weeks preaching a series of messages entitled, “Reading the Bible As If It Still Matters.” My hope is that we will walk away from each sermon in this series with a greater appreciation for the authority of Scripture and a greater love for its Author.
Today I’m preaching from Psalm 119:89. Why don’t you go ahead and find your way there so you’ll be ready to read along with me in the message? And if you want to follow along using a smartphone or mobile device, you can do so by typing into your web browser.
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I hope you know that God loves you…and so do I! 

Bro. Larry