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Welcome to Hilldale Baptist Church…Where Lives Connect! It’s my joy each week to extend that greeting on behalf our church family, and I pray that you know we mean it. I’m really glad you’re here.
If this is your first time to be with us, will you take the opportunity to complete the guest registration slip to the right and drop it in the offering plate in just a little while? You can expect us to give you a call or drop you an e-mail to say, “Thank you for being with us,” so we appreciate a good phone number or e-mail address.
Today I’m continuing our current sermon series on the sanctity of human life. I do not apologize for believing or proclaiming that we must Defend the Defenseless. In fact, it is part of our Gospel mission.
Justice is not the equal endorsement of everybody’s behavior; it is the impartial application of God’s righteousness. Justice is determined according to God’s heart, God’s character, God’s declaration of right and wrong…not society, court decisions, or popular vote. We must Defend the Defenseless.
While early voting has already commenced, I encourage you to join me in voting “YES on 1” in this election. Remember, the 50% +1 necessary to pass Amendment 1 is based on the number of people who vote in the governor’s race. So if you vote for governor but don’t vote on Amendment 1, you have in effect voted against the amendment.
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I hope you know that God loves you…and so do I!


Bro. Larry