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I heard a story of a customs officer who observes a truck pulling up at the border. Suspicious, he orders the driver out and searches the vehicle. He pulls off the panels, bumpers, and wheel cases but finds not a single scrap of contraband. Still suspicious but at a loss to know where else to search, he waves the driver through.
The next week, the same driver arrives. Again the officer searches, and again he finds nothing illegal. Over the years, the official tries full-body searches, X-rays, and sonar—anything he can think of—and each week the same man drives up, but no mysterious cargo ever appears, and each time, reluctantly, the customs officer waves the driver on.
Finally, after years of this song-and-dance routine, the officer is working his last day before retirement. The same driver pulls up. The customs officer says, “Look, I know you’re a smuggler. Don’t bother denying it. But with all that is in me I can’t figure out what you’ve been smuggling all these years. I’m retiring and I promise you I will do you no harm. Please tell me what you’ve been smuggling.”
The driver said, “Trucks.”
Sometimes we miss the obvious. This Christmas, let’s not do that. “Christ” is the first half of “Christmas,” so let’s not say the word without thinking of Jesus.
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And, oh, welcome to Hilldale today!


Bro. Larry