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Russell Moore, current president of the SBC’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), wrote in a Christianity Today article a couple of years ago:
“For too long, we’ve called unbelievers to ‘invite Jesus into your life.’ Jesus doesn’t want to be in your life. Your life’s a wreck. Jesus calls you into His life. And His life isn’t boring or purposeless or static. It’s wild and exhilarating and unpredictable.”
Moore captured, I believe, the essence of the new life we receive in Christ. We don’t receive our old lives back, just religiously refurbished. We enter into Christ’s life! And this new life in Christ is pictured in the act of baptism.
Today I bring to a close a short series of sermons on biblical baptism entitled, “The Silent Sermon of Baptism,” as we discuss how baptism is a silent sermon on new life in Christ. Keep in mind that we’re hosting an outdoor baptism as part of next week’s churchwide picnic. If God is showing you that you need to obey Him through believers’ baptism, we’d love to chat with you and include you in next Sunday evening’s baptism!
We’re also observing our other church ordinance today, the Lord’s Supper. If you are born again, have confessed Christ publicly in water baptism by immersion, and are walking with God today, we invite you to join us in this time of remembrance.
By the way, you can follow along with today’s sermon using a smartphone or mobile device by typing into your web browser.
I hope you know that God loves you…and so do I!


Bro. Larry